Brothers Martin and Kobus van Rensburg had very successful careers at Nissan South Africa before they started MAUS Performance. Martin managed the Technical Training Centre and was responsible for both employee and dealer staff training. Kobus was involved in the very successful Motorsport
Department, and worked specifically on the Nissan Skyline Rally vehicle, building and developing the competition engines,enhancing the power output.

What we do

The specialized nature of MAUS`s business has culminated in a workshop which is equipped with technologically advanced equipment which is not available at the run of the mill vehicle service centres.
We deliver a wide range of services, including the following: Conversions, Dyna Tuning, Heads Cams, Exhaust Systems, Brake Upgrades, Servicing Repairs.


The Unichip Q is classified as a “piggy back” computer. But it is the most advanced “piggy back” system in the world! Therefore we rather refer to it as a computer, with a mind of its own. The Uni Q and its software is a very clever combination. It is also tamperproof! The Uni Q has a 3 year warrantee and a 3 month money back guarantee.
Servicing and Repairs
Due to the specialized nature of MAUS Performance`s business, we have a well equipped workshop with advanced equipment and up to date technology. Leave your vehicle in our capable hands for professional servicing by technical experts. You can trust MAUS to keep your vehicle in peak performing shape to ensure years of trouble free driving pleasure.


Normally there is only one kind of conversion for diesel vehicles, and most of the time, with latest diesel vehicles, most modifications are electronic. We rarely change the exhaust systems on diesel vehicles. The advantage of diesel engines is that you have better control of where you want the engine to perform at its best, unlike petrol engines. The disadvantage of diesel engines is that you are restricted with the combustion temperature of the engine, it CANNOT run to hot, especially in a country like South Africa where the ambient temperature can get very hot! Diesel engines do NOT like HIGH RPM!!!

In order to get more power and torque out of your diesel vehicle it is necessary to inject more fuel into the engine at the right time, to be able to do that we have to get more air into the engine, otherwise it will run too rich causing high combustion temperatures. Luckily most of the common rail diesel engines are manufactured with turbo chargers, so by raising the boost we manage to get more air into the engine, allowing us to add fuel, resulting in higher torque and power output. When your vehicle produces more power, it will maintain your CRUISING speed with less effort, resulting in improved fuel economy.